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Max  & Lucy are the King and Queen of Fuzzy Pants.  They are kind enough to permit the rest of us to work here in their store and spa.  Max & Lucy are brother and sister; they were found in a barn but look how far they’ve come!  We believe they’re part Ragdoll (especially Max – come check out those fuzzy pants!) and part Siamese.  Though they love to play, you will often find them admiring their kingdom from the catwalks above your head, which run throughout the store.  Max & Lucy love people and other animals, so they’re eager to welcome you, regardless of whether you’re two-legged or four-legged!


Cooper is one smart cookie! He's an adult Australian Cattle Dog who acts like he's going on 6 months. Cooper is enthusiastic and energetic. He will do all his tricks for his toy! Whether you throw it or play tug with it, Cooper will love you for it! 


 Brewski is Chihuahua/Daschund mix.  He is a huge Patriots fan  and can often be seen wearing his favorite players shirts.    Normally Brewski can be found in the grooming area but he does venture out every now and then,


Sadie is a Black Lab, Hound, Dachshund mix who will try to play with anyone.   She loves to sleep.  Often you can find her sleeping right in the middle of all the action.


 Don’t be fooled, this is no meerkat! JJ Bean   is our groomer Lauren’s chiweenie who loves impersonating meerkats and  howling when you ask him questions. When he’s not relaxing in grooming,  he is running around playing with his friends in daycare. 



Nugget (known  as Nuggie) if fearless, there is no dog or human too big or too small  to play with. Nugget loves to run around and instigate trouble where  ever she goes.


 Ruby is  a Chihuahua Jack Russell mix who closely resembles a weird baby deer.  Her favorite things in life are chasing toys, eating, and snuggling. At  Fuzzy Pants she can be found lurking under shelves waiting for a ball to  be thrown, treats to be given, or a lap to jump into. 


 Harvey is a golden retriever mixed  with redbone coonhound. He is the goofiest pup around and will attack  you with his big kisses. Just be carful with his giant paws cause he  might try and smack you around!What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here.


 Linus  is a  Boston Terrier whose tongue is too big for his mouth and can usually be  seen sticking out. He loves to play and the bigger the dog the better.

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